The ingeniously simple app for successful email marketing! Email Marketing App Screenshot

Rechtssicheres Double Opt-In

Design GDPR compliant newsletter registration forms

Responsive Newsletter erstellen

Ohne Programmieren - dank Drag & Drop Newsletter-Baukasten

Automatische E-Mail-Serien

Perfect for creating automatic drip campaigns

Integrierte Anbindungen

Connecto to cobra CRM, WooCommerce and more

Zertifizierter E-Mail Versand

CSA-zertifizierter E-Mail-Versand durch Spezialserver

Maximale Transparenz

Ausführliche Versandberichte, umfangreiche Protokolle und Click & View Tracking

Teamfähig mit Rechte-Vergabe ist die ideale Newsletter-Lösung für Einzelanwender, kleine und große Teams

Made in Germany wird in Deutschland entwickelt und gehostet

Grow Your List using Drag & Drop Double Opt-In Forms

Individuelles Formular Design

Erstell individuelle HTML Formulare für Deine Website mit unserem Drag & Drop Editor.

HTML forms for any occasion

Create forms for brochure orders, event registrations and general contact requests - and provide them with an optional double opt-in function. In this way you will get more valuable subscribers for your newsletter.

Double Opt-In

All HTML forms have a built-in double opt-in feature that your subscribers use to confirm their subscription. This way you can create a DSGVO-compliant mailing list in no time at all.


Just as important as double opt-in subscriptions are bullet-proof removals from your list. ensures that people who no longer want to receive your newsletter are reliably excluded from future mailings.

Create Responsive Email Newsletters
Per Drag & Drop!

Die Email Marketing App ist total einfach zu bedienen:

 Links gibt es eine Auswahl von Elementen, die du per Drag & Drop in deinen Newsletter einfügst. 

Rechts sind die Optionen, um einzelnen Elementen deinen persönlichen Newsletter-Style zu verpassen. Du kannst Farben und Schriften ändern, Größen, Abstände und Rahmen anpassen und vieles mehr. 

Mit speziellen Container-Elementen erstellst du im Handumdrehen komplexe mehrspaltige Layouts, die sich auf Smartphones automatisch untereinander anordnen. 


Add as many pictures as you like to your newsletter


Send newsletter with up to 10 File attachments


Greet each reader by name

Custom Elements

Save elements that you use over and over again

HTML Import

Send existing HTML files as newsletter


Changes are saved automatically

Version Control

Wiederherstellung vorheriger Versionen deiner Entwürfe


Configurable Click & View Tracking

From simple address import to full CRM integration.

In you can create any number of address lists for different target groups and import data from the following sources:


Import addresses text or CSV files - with automatic format recognition!

Excel Tabellen

Easy import of addresses from Excel files!


Direct dispatch of mailings to all WooCommerce customers - no plugin required!


Extends cobra with a comprehensive e-mail marketing solution! Including newsletter dispatch and comparison of dispatch results and new form entries with cobra! Learn more >

Fire & Forget Newsletter Delivery

Super Fast Delivery

Our specially programmed servers send your newsletter in the shortest possible time. Smaller mailings are often sent after a few minutes.

Send Free Test E-Mails

Send as many test emails as you like to see how your newsletter arrives in your inbox.

Scheduled Delivery

Determine the exact time at which your newsletter shall be sent.

Deferred Delivery

Distribute the shipping volume over several hours or days. This way your sales team will not be overrun by a sudden rush.


Dank CSA-Zertifizierung ist unser Dienst auf wichtigen Whitelists, damit deine Mails direkt in die Inbox zugestellt werden!

Live Newsletter Success Statistics


Live Click & View Tracking


Professional Delivery Analysis

Email Marketing For Your Team

With Team-Edition, up to 25 users can use all functions of

Administrator Interface

Manage the accounts of your team members with a simple administration interface.

Team Templates

Create newsletter templates in your corporate design and make them available to your employees.

Team Elements

Frequently used elements such as company logos can be made available to all users.

Teamwide Unsubscribe Mechanism

If someone unsubscribes from a newsletter, the cancellation is automatically valid for all accounts in the team.

Get Started!

Get your own picture of with a free test account!

* Without time limit, a maximum of 100 emails can be sent per month.

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