Easily create Newsletter using
drag & drop!

The editor of mynewsletter.rocks is very easy to use: on the left hand side there is a selection of elements that you insert into your newsletter by drag & drop. On the right side you will find options to customize the elements according to your newsletter design. You can change colors and fonts, adjust sizes, spacing and borders and much more. 


Add as many pictures as you like to your newsletter


Send newsletter with up to 10 File attachments


Greet each reader by name

Custom Elements

Save elements that you use over and over again

HTML Import

Send existing HTML files as newsletter


Changes are saved automatically

Version Control

Restore previous versions of your designs


Configurable Click & View Tracking

Looks right on any Device!

Microsoft Outlook Optimized

Most e-mails are still read with Microsoft Outlook - that's why all elements in mynewsletter.rocks are designed to look exactly the way you expect them to look in Microsoft Outlook.

Browser Display

Is your newsletter still not displayed correctly? Thanks to an integrated browser display, recipients can read your newsletter in their browser - including all personalization data!

Alternate Text and Pre-Header

For all devices that do not support HTML, you can optionally specify an alternative text. This is also used as a pre-header for the 3-line preview in most e-mail programs.

One-Click Responsiveness

Do you want your newsletter to be displayed optimally on smartphones? Then activate the Responsive option and the display of your newsletter will be automatically adjusted to the screen size of your readers.

Fire & Forget Newsletter Delivery

Super Fast Delivery

Our specially programmed servers send your newsletter in the shortest possible time. Smaller mailings are often sent after a few minutes.

Send Free Test E-Mails

Send as many test emails as you like to see how your newsletter arrives in your inbox.

Scheduled Delivery

Determine the exact time at which your newsletter shall be sent.

Deferred Delivery

Distribute the shipping volume over several hours or days. This way your sales team will not be overrun by a sudden rush.

Get Started!

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mynewsletter.rocks is a fantastic complete solution for your e-mail marketing. 

Everything included:

Double opt-in forms, professional newsletter delivery, click & view tracking, email series and a much, much more!

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